The King

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I told you I would get back to the king that is pictured with Debra in the introductions.

The official government which is military and corrupt allows the traditional governments to continue. Each area, like our counties or their tribes has a king. I think it is kind of an appointed, political patronage position. They call themselves “Kings” or “Traditional Rulers”. They take care of domestic squabbles and civil matters. Real crime is dealt with by the military government.

It is important for the hospital to stay in the good graces of the local kings for political reasons. So both Sunday afternoons that I was there, I took a group, mostly women and we went to visit the king. It would end up being a long drawn out affair with the proper protocol, long ceremony, and introductions of his family and staff. It took about two hours. I would give a little speech back to the king, with proper ceremony and respect. He would serve us local drinks and snacks. They were some of the worst things that have ever been in my mouth. One king didn’t want his picture taken so I can only show you one.


The King and I, Me



The King’s Palace



Where the King’s family lives



Where the King’s subjects live



Some of the King’s twelve wives



And sixty two children. These are all sons. They don’t show off the daughters. It’s a very male dominant society.

One of the problems the church has to deal with is polygamy.

They women are thin, like everybody over there, so before their wedding they pen them up for about a month and feed them, so they will be larger and more attractive to their husbands.

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