Chincoteague August 2011

Bill and Peg and Patty went down to Chincoteague to visit Joyce over the weekend of August 13-14, and Kristen joined them for the day on the 13th.  Much fun was had.  Just look:


Beautiful downtown Chincogteague


Bill's pretending to be cold.


But he's not, really.  See?  He's smiling.  Still, he had planned to go for a swim but the air was so cool on this overcast day that getting all wet didn't seem like such a good idea after all.


Oh look!  Assateague wild ponies all penned up on Chincoteague.


Which one's Misty?


I think that's Misty and her foal.  Maybe.


Aww.  Everybody wants a picture.


Hey, let's hike up to Assateague Light House!  Everybody spray good.  There are mosquitoes in the woods.


This is an old light house, and it still works.  Maybe we can walk up all 175 cast iron spiral steps to the top?  Bill wants to go.


Joyce is willing.  Peg and Patty decide they'll stay right here, thank you very much.


Joyce made it!  But she's too scared to look.


But Joyce, it's such a pretty view!


OK, but first she needs to send Chris a note to brag about where she is.


Fooey.  They won't let us go up to the tip-top where the bright light shines at night.


Want to see a movie?  A 360 degree view?  Well then, click on the play button.


Very nice.  Say, isn't that the Wallops Island launch facility over there?


I believe it is.  I think I even see some launch towers.


Uh, oh.  Those clouds look stormy.


Maybe it's time to head back down.


Sure is a long way, 'round and 'round and 'round.


Whew.  But Joyce wasn't too dizzy to enjoy her bumbleberry pie at Bill's Restaurant.