Deb's Retirement Pics

Deb Gallaway retired from NASA on April 30, 2008.  On April 29 we had a party.


There's Neal and Chuck

Frank and Mabel


Dolores, the back of Shelley's head, Angela and Diane

Patty and Debbie

Diane and Charlene

Susan and Debbie

Carolyn and Brenda

Fred and Shelley and Patrick and Anngie and Chuck and Bernice's nose and Vicki's shoulder.

Vicki and Debbie

Lots of people's backs

More backs.  There's Mabel and over by the door is Bernice.

Diane has put on a happy face.

Shelley's ponytail and Fred.  There's shy Mary Ellen over on the right.

Diane and Bob

There's Frank talking to Debbie and Dolores, while Anngie almost gets out of the way.

Shelley and Tony

There's Dolores and Debbie and the back of Frank's head.

The visible faces are Tony and Jerry and Patrick and Diane and Frank

Tony and Jerry and Jackie and lots of backs

Dorothy and Patty talk to Debbie.

Barbara and Maureen

Bob and Neal and Chuck and Patrick and Jerry and Tony

I think those are Nora's eyes.  That's certainly Angela, though.

Sherri and Susan's back and Evelyn and Loretta and Mary and Nora's sweater and Angela's back.

Dorothy's eyes and Margy and Vicki's head and Dolores's hair and Patty's sunglasses and Tawana and Carolyn.

More of the same.

Barbara and Frank's head and Maureen and Diane and Sherri and a few others.

Nora and Bob seem happy

Debbie seems to be talking

Vicki talks to Nora.  Patty's in the middle and Elizabeth is on the far right.

Patty and Evelyn and Loretta and Elizabeth

Carolyn and Jim

Bernice and Patrick

Alotta and Carolyn

Alotta and Barbara, Patrick and Frank's bald spots, and assorted others.

Maureen and Joyce

Patty and Patrick

Sherri, Angela and Bob

Jim and Mary

Tony, Joyce and Barbara

Dorothy and Patty

Margy and Chuck

Evelyn, Vicki and Elizabeth.

Joyce and Frank and Sharon and Cherie and Debbie

Barry and Vicki

Barry and Elizabeth and Evelyn

Tony, Dolores's red eye and Greg

Nora, Jerry and Tony seem very happy

Diane's fancy pin.

Debbie and Joyce

Debbie and Joyce and a pyramid

Debbie hefts the pyramid

Debbie cracks a joke

Debbie gets serious

Debbie waxes nostalgic

Jim presents a picture surrounded by scribbles.

That devilish Jim

Tony tries to remember what he was going to say.

Tony eloquently presents Debbie a gift from ARMD

Debbie examines it.

And pronounces it wonderful.  Hermann Oberth and Wernher von Braun look on.

Jenny and Debbie

Bob, Joyce, Mary, Debbie, Diane and Shelley

Same group, but now Bill's in the picture while Bob snaps the shutter.