Huntsville Visit 2012


Bill decided it had been too long since he'd visited Huntsville, so around the end of July he flew down to spend a short weekend with his friends Tammy and Greg.


His old friends and co-workers in the Marshall Space Flight Center's Education Office threw a great luncheon party.  What fun!


They really do know how to put on a spread.  It was almost as good as church.  Seems like the only person doing any work around here is Kathy.  Isn't that about normal, Kathy?


Even Wil Robertson was there.  I think a fine time was had by all.  Bill certainly did enjoy himself.


Yum.  And how great to see everybody again!


Tammy and Greg later in the day at Blue Pants.


The next morning Bill had breakfast with an old friend from his barbershop quartet days, Larry Moyers.


Then Tammy took Bill to see the new (to him, anyway) Davidson Center for Space Exploration, the indoor home of Huntsville's Saturn V.  Now that she's indoors, the old girl is no longer in danger of rusting away in the elements.


When they'd had quite enough of the rockets, Bill and Tammy drove out to his old stomping grounds in New Hope.  Bill couldn't believe that in all the time he'd lived out there, he'd never visited the Harmony Park Safari.  Yes, it's on the other side of the mountains from his old house, but could he have missed this?


It's an honest to goodness zoo, only the animals roam free and the people are confined to their cars.  Mostly.


See, first you buy your admission tickets (just $7 each) and then you buy a bucket of animal feed for $5.  That's right, they charge you to feed their animals.  But it's worth it. 


You just drive along and the animals come to you.


And when they've tired of your feed, they move along to another car for more.


Click on the PLAY button to see how this works, as the wild animals attack Tammy and Bill.


Watch out for those horns, Tammy.


You'd better roll up that window.


So this is where the buffalo roam!


Look out, there are two of them.


And one of them is coming toward Bill...


...when EEEK!  The other one slobbers on Tammy.


Cute little deer are more our style.


This guy really had some goofy-looking teeth.  This picture doesn't do the goofiness justice.


Bill is keeping his fingers away from those goofy teeth.


Hi li'l llama.


There's a mama deer down there nursing baby deer.


And baby is almost as big as mama.


More horns.


But none as big as this Texas guy's longhorns.


We had fun.  Bill highly recommends Harmony Safari to anybody who visits Huntsville.  It was a great trip.  Thanks, everybody!