Around Delhi

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Just riding in our bus around Delhi was an adventure.

Soldiers out and about?  What's up?


Davinder says there's going to be an election soon and a big rally is planned for today.  We need to get out of this area before the traffic gets really bad.


Candidates in India smile and wave for the camera, just like back home.


Is a crowd gathering?  Maybe? 


Well, if a crowd does gather, the guards are ready.


Off to another part of town.


It's been raining, but the big puddles seem not to slow anybody down.


I'm hungry.  Is it lunch time?


Yep, let's have lunch at the Hotel Broadway.


Where the lunch buffet is served from an antique car.


We ate well on this trip, and the food at the Hotel Broadway was quite good. Poor Davinder -- dining alone.


Back on the road, the muddy sloppy road.


Fruit stands are everywhere you look.


So are tuk tuks.


Now for a Flash video with Davinder, who gives us a little Indian history.


Rickshaws for hire.


We're not far from Tibet.


We saw lots of peanut stands.


The cotton market.


Just married!


This is the Sikh temple where Davinder worships.  I think.  Maybe he said that.


Often people seemed happy to see our bus and gave us friendly waves.  No, really, I'm serious.


And there was activity on the streets, everywhere we looked.


Here's an auto repair shop.


Right on the sidewalk.


You need parts?  We got parts.


Flash video: What's going on here?


They're simply washing greasy old car parts and doing the laundry.  Right there on the sidewalk.




Candy cart!




Other ... things.


It's like a citywide tailgate party.


Food, laundry, car repair, barbershops, you name it: all out here in the open.


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