Strolling in Rome


We signed up for a walking tour and dinner on our second night in Rome.  Here we are driving across the Tiber on our way to a night on the town.

The dome of St. Peter's.

This was a cool fountain, in more ways than one, as it was a hot day. 
The statues on the corners represent the continents.

Bill and Margia represent tired feet.

The shade was nice.

Water nymphs.

That's the Pantheon, an old pagan temple that was turned into a church.  Seems that if the temples didn't become churches, they were torn down. 

Tourists and one very big door.

Margia examines the Pantheon.  The ceiling is open to the elements, so the floor is convex, to allow the rainwater to drain to the edges.

Everybody's having a "granita," a layer of whipped cream covered by a layer of icy-crunchy  sweet coffee, covered by another layer of whipped cream.  Yum.

The spiral carving tells the story of a great military victory by Marcus Aurelius, or somebody.

That pillar used to be a giant sundial, until the Earth's axis shifted slightly and it stopped keeping even semi-accurate time.

Narrow streets in Rome.

Narrow and dark.

Here we are on the famous Spanish Steps.  Why are they famous?  I never figured it out.  They were built by the French, but the Spanish Embassy is just down the street and that's where the name comes from.

We all wanted a picture of ourselves on the Spanish Steps.

Dinner.  Better than last night, but still not great.  And Bull the flutist showed up again.  Argh.