Goodbye Venice


Early in the morning, and there are no tourists to be found.

Plenty of pigeons, though.

And a piazza sweeper.

Pigeons enjoying the peace and quiet.

We had Venice to ourselves.

Well, OK, there were some carabinieri around.

Bettern' Disneyland.

San Marco Piazza has always flooded occasionally, but that chart on the left shows that it's happening more and more often. 

So there's a project underway to seal off the plaza from the water.  To waterproof it from below.

Here's some of the construction material.

This project is going to take a while.

Sweeping up after the tourists.

Morning deliveries.  This is a laundry boat, serving the hotels.

Here comes the soda pop boat, serving the restaurants.

There goes the soda pop boat.  Backward.

Still in reverse.

All gone.

Claudia decided not to mount the lion after all.  He looks sad.

Our group prepares to depart.

Millie and Jaime, Larry and Barbara.  And hiding behind Barbara is Charlie.

Maureen, Donna and Pat. 

Pat and Eileen.

Santa Maria della Salute again.  The church was built in 1630 to mark the end of a plague that took 46,000 citizens.  (More info from the Internet.)

The gondolas with the singers and accordions are blessedly absent at this time of day.

That's Peggy Guggenheim's place under the ugly orchid.

Curly, Larry and Moe

Margia says goodbye to Venice.

Claudia too.