Evening in Assisi


Worshippers headed to evening Mass.

We could see some much-needed rain in the distance.  It was headed our way, actually, but we received no more than a little sprinkle.

The purple light of a summer night in Italy.

San Francesco Basilica

View from the Basilica, looking back toward our hotel.

Margia and I sat outside our hotel, waiting for the sun to set.  I thought I'd get a picture more impressive than this one turned out to be.

Nice enough, I guess.

And here we are on the roof of the hotel.  We had a very nice time that evening, talking with Mike and Christine of New Zealand.  I even told the story about the girl named Cinderella.  It's getting to the point that I have to look for people from New Zealand to find anyone who's never heard me tell that one.

Where'd everybody go?  Oh, it's the next morning.

The sun's rising over Assisi.

Very nice.

Things look better in the morning light.

There's our hotel.  The San Francesco. 

The basilica is pretty whether sun's going down or coming up.

Early morning in Assisi.