Strolling in Orvieto


The funicular railway up to Orvieto was broken, so we rode in a bus.

A hot, miserable bus.  But you know what?  When you're on vacation, little annoyances like this really don't amount to much.

Daniele points to a Catholic church.

Here's the view from Orvieto.  Those Etruscans really knew how to choose a view.

A very nice view.

I remember the view from Orvieto from when I visited Italy back in the late 1980's.  Was it 1989?  I think so, but I don't really remember.  My old passport has a JFK airport stamp from April, 1989, and I know I worked at the "Great April Fair" in Milan, but there's no legible Italian stamp in the passport from 1989.  I just don't remember.  But it must have been 1989.  I think.

Margia liked the view from Orvieto.

And I did too.

Margia and a Catholic church.