Rome at Night


After dinner we saw the city at night.

There's the Colosseum.

Still pretty, after all these years.

View from inside the bus.

Looks better when there's no flash.

And here we are at the famous Trevi Fountain.  Three coins, etc. 

I'm just now beginning to understand that my digital camera really does take better pictures occasionally if I DON'T use a flash.  I can just enhance the picture later with PhotoShop.

See what I mean?


Margia at the Trevi Fountain


It's an impressive place.  Daniele warned us to be wary of pickpockets, but we escaped the area with no damage.

Margia and Claudia, and that's Sid sitting in the background.

Oooohhhhh.  How pretty!

Some monument after dark.  A WWII War Memorial, as I recall.