Fine Dining in Venice

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By the time we got to Venice we were ready to cut back (slightly) on the food consumption.  What with Chef Claudio force-feeding Bill and Cindy and the fabulous dinner in Florence, everybody was ready to take it a bit easier.  Besides, we kept passing shop displays of wonderful panini sandwiches and breads and cookies and cakes and salads and you name it -- the Italians have it on mouth-watering display on every street corner.  So we decided to try picnicking in the hotel.

Locanda Antica Venizia had a very nice loft with tables and chairs where breakfast was served each morning, so our first night in Venice we just took it over (it was deserted) and made it our dining hall.  And look, there's Kathy, Patty's New Zealander friend from Florence!   She joined us for the picnic and was a delightful dinner companion.


Cindy helps get rid of some of the wine we need to get rid of before we fly home.  Nobody wanted to pack wine in our bags.


See the loft?  Nice, huh?  Cindy even persuaded the CD player to perform Vivaldi.


I think our best meal in Venice, though, came totally by accident.  Bill's feet were tired as usual and he spotted this restaurant by the Grand Canal.   Cindy said, "Do we really want to eat here, it looks awfully nice, maybe we should just get a snack somewhere?"  Bill's feet ignored her.  Many of the patrons were dining outside by the water where it was cold and windy.  We chose to dine indoors. 


We did try to eat light, ordering only a half bottle of wine and some nasty water with some small pizzas.   Turned out to be one of the best meals of the trip.  That wine was so fantastic we ordered another half bottle.


And the food wasn't bad either.


OK, we enjoyed the meal so much we ordered desserts.   So much for getting just a snack.


Ladies, that was one very good lunch.


The ladies seem to agree.


Ristorante Caffe Saraceno at the foot of the Rialto.  Highly recommended.



But if it's a cold day, sit inside.



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