Arrivederci Venice

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Today we leave Venice and take the train to Rome.

Seven o'clock comes awfully dark and early in Venice's twisty little passages, all alike.  We're leaving the hotel on our way to catch a vaporetto back to the train station.


Patty stops along the way to send some postcards.



Ah ... the vaporetto is just up ahead.   We're learning to find our way around here at last.


The vaporetto station.


Yesterday we'd bought 24-hour vaporetto tickets, so we're good to go.  Bill is making sure he gets on a vaporetto that's going in the right direction.


Patty snaps a picture of sunrise over the Venetian lagoon.


Venice really knows how to say goodbye.


Patty snapped a picture of some of the Carnevale di Venezia costumes.  We'd missed the Carnival by only a few weeks.  I think we were here at the right time, though.  


Here comes our vap.


Soon we'll be on our way.


Goodbye Campanile.


Patty and Cindy are experienced vappers now.


Our luggage rests safe and sound in the vap's little luggage rack.


Goodbye Rialto.   Doesn't everything look quiet and peaceful at this time of day?




This time experienced traveler Bill confidently gets our ticket clunked in the yellow box and we head for our train.


There it is, ready to take us to Rome.


All aboard!



It's Vento Forte Movie Time!
This Episode: Jabber Jabber

Can you believe we listened to this all the way from Venice to Rome?  That woman never shut up.  Well, the truth is she did stop occasionally to give her husband a chance to do the same thing, only louder.  It was constant; it was incessant for four solid hours.  It was the most amazing performance I have ever witnessed.  When they were walking off the train they were still at it. 


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