Cindy & Patty Shop

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Bill had no idea Cindy and Patty shared the shopping gene.  But just look at them.  Have you ever seen a cat inside the house gazing through a glass window at a bird outside the house?  You know that mesmerized look?  Well, follow along here...


Oooh!  Look at this dress!  Peg would love this.


C'mon Bill.  There are more shops up here.


Hey Patty!  I think I see a shop down this alley!


Oooh!  Masks!  Peg would love this.


Great smiles all around.  Even on Cindy's reflection in the glass!


OK, Bill understands the need to gaze through some windows.


Isn't that the Rialto Bridge in the background?  I think there are shops on the Rialto.


Oh, yeah.  There are shops here, all right.


Jewelry shops.  And lots of them.  Patty thinks she sees a necklace Peg would like.


Many of the jewelry shops have fine views of the Grand Canal.


This was a great shop, right at the foot of the Rialto.  They took Visa.  Guess that's about it for the shopping, right ladies?


What?  You think Patty is all finished with her shopping?  Think again.


The Rialto is a maze of shops.


Pressing onward.


Oh look!   There's a shop down there!


With masks!


Oh please oh please oh please don't make me go into another shop.


But they have DRESSES!


And can you imagine wearing this at RennFest?  Cindy and Patty could shop in Venice forever.


YIKES!  CLOSED SHOPS!  Look at their expressions.  It's that "what happened?" look on a puppy's face when you pretend to throw a ball but hide it behind your back.  The shops are CLOSED? Huh?  Wha?   Bill went back to the hotel and took a nap.


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