The Gondola Ride

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Patty wanted to be a tourist and go on a gondola ride. So did Bill, but he pretended to be opposed to the idea.


An old fashioned gondolier's traffic signal.


The gondola ride was bene, bene! So many pretty sights.


Patty is laughing because in every view, Bill can not avoid seeing this horrible orange jacket.


O sole mio!  Our gondolier did not sing.  He must have been too cold.


Love that jacket!


We can't block it out, even if we try.


Will you two stop making fun of that poor man?


I can't help myself, I have an evil streak!


Yes you do!  It's a good thing that you make me laugh!


I like orange, but even this is too much for one little gondola ride!  Hey, we'd better start paying attention to the real sights!


Bene, bene!!!!


Still no singing!


Viewing Venice by gondola allows you to really experience what it's like to live on this city in the water.


This is what we looked like in the gondolier's traffic mirror.


There are hundreds and hundreds of small pedestrian bridges that link the hundreds of little islands of Venice. They are beautiful from below.


Pretty little water-alleys.


Even better with laundry.


An artsy fartsy photo.


It's Vento Forte Movie Time!
This Episode: The Gondola Ride

We had to.  It's de rigueur in Venice



Aw, the ride is over.  Be careful when you step out of the boat!


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