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This page contains much narration by Patty.  But Bill had a hand ....

Outside of the Hotel Aberdeen.  It only took us 20 minutes to walk here from the train station while consulting all of our maps and asking directions of six different people.  During the entire time we were there we never found a decent map of Rome.


Lovely laundry. One of Cindy's favorite Italian vistas.


I'm not kidding. Look, she's all agog!  Also, it was along about here that Cindy was checking the weather forecast on an Italian station and she was pleased to discover she could translate something that was said.  "Vento Forte."  Well, as a musician she knew that "forte" meant "strong," as in play your instrument strong at this point in the performance.  And "vento," well, in the context of a weather forecast it must mean "wind."  Vento.  Wind.  Sure.  Strong wind is in the forecast.  So she shared her discovery with Patty and pretty soon everything that happened was VENTO FORTE followed by giggles.  And then when Bill got caught up in it, Vento Forte became the catch phrase of the trip.  And that explains that.


Bill, take a picture of the laundry OUTSIDE of the hotel, not Patty's socks!  Jeesh!


A two-holer.


The Roma bathroom as seen from another perspective.


The hotel was the scene of some serious dining and drinking. On this night, we were finishing up all of the wine bottles that no one wanted to carry home in their luggage.  We drank three bottles worth of lighter luggage.


Sandwiches, good. Cookies, good. Potato chips--absolutely fantastic!!


Bill is trying to prove that he was not the only one on the computer during this trip.  He snapped this picture on one of the two 5-minute computer sessions that Patty did. She is crouched over the computer.  She should be wearing her glasses.


"If you don't like coffee, try drinking this stuff. You'll like it. It doesn't taste anything like coffee."


If I smile at Bill, maybe he will fix me a cup of non-coffee.  (BTW, that idea failed.)


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