The Pantheon

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This page contains much narration by Patty.  But Bill had final edit.

Hurry, Hurry, I want to go see the Pantheon!


No, not until we have had a coffee granita!


Don't they look good?


Patty the non-coffee drinker is not convinced.


But Bill thinks it is molto bene!  Cindy and Patty also finished theirs, which is too bad for Bill because he couldn't finish them off!


Satisfied and smug!

Refreshed, we can see the Pantheon.  It's a former pagan temple that was converted by early Christians into a church, and thus protected it has sustained little damage over the years.


It's Vento Forte Movie Time!
This Episode: Panning the Pantheon

Cindy shot some video outside and inside the Pantheon.


It is one of the most beautiful buildings anyone could imagine.


And yet, there is a 30 foot hole in the roof!


Get out your magnifying glass if you even have a hope of reading this.


The floor is ever so slightly convex so that when rain comes in through the hole in the roof it flows to the edges of the room and out some drain holes.


Bill suddenly announced an overwhelming urge to pray. Pray for relief for his aching feet, that is!


While praying, we compared camera features. Bill said that his camera has a "smile detector" feature that means that the camera won't take a picture if the subjects aren't smiling.  Whoops!  Bill has to turn the smile detector feature on if we are going to continue to test it.


Okay, so the smile detector only needs one person to smile to take the picture. The other subject is out of luck!




The camera works especially well when both subjects are smiling. And then Bill discovered that the camera kept taking pictures automatically.  Bill had done everyone a favor and deleted about 8 photos from this sequence.  No one wanted to look at photos of legs and the floor, right?


Patty's Caption:  The only way Bill will ever get a 6-pack of abs will be to buy this costume. He decided he could do without.

Bill's Caption:  Bill considered buying this costume to wear at the Maryland Renaissance Festival this fall, but then he realized there's no need:  If it's a warm day he can just take off his shirt and have the same effect.


Good-by Pantheon. You are beautiful. And a good spot for impromptu comedy.

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