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I am off again on another Road Scholar tour, this time to Israel, Jordan and Egypt. When they told me back in September what the cost of the flight from Memphis to Tel Aviv and home from Cairo would be, I told them, “Let’s make a deal. You get me a cheap flight out of New York, and I’ll book my own flight up there.” So that’s what happened, and I saved about $1700. But when you’re booking flights like this in September, you don’t know what the weather will be like in February. So I decided it would be better to plan a couple of days buffer in New York just so I wouldn’t miss the important flight. So here I am with two days to kill in New York, and pretty decent weather. Boo-hoo, poor me.

This is the only day of the trip that I don’t have to be sure I wake up on time, so I set no alarm and slept late this morning. When I finally roused myself, I took a walk into Central Park.


Did you know there are tall buildings in New York City?


Well, there are.  Some are sleek and modern while others evoke times past.


Love this place. No I did not go ice-skating. I don’t need a broken bone just before flying off on a tour.


Times Square continues to bustle.


I wonder if the tourist can get a ticket to see HAMILTON? Indeed he can, no problem at all. Just present a credit card.


And he is in! This is going to be good. Smile for the camera, Bill.


I'd say the curtain is about to rise, but there is no curtain.


I couldn't use my phone's camera during the performance, so I've downloaded some pictures from the internet to give a sense of what the show was like.  People have asked me if it is as good as everybody says, and my answer is that yes, it is just that good.  I thought I'd hate the "rap" style of the music, and in fact I still do not care for the cadences, but in this case it all just worked for me. This turned out to be just a grand SHOW.


The title of the play is “Hamilton“ but one can make a case that the real star of the show isn’t Alexander Hamilton; it’s Aaron Burr. This is Daniel Breaker in the part. He was fantastic; in fact he was nominated for a Tony for this part.


Here’s Jimmie “JJ” Jeter as Alexander Hamilton. He was great too. In fact, the whole thing was great. American history as you’ve never experienced it before.


And after the show, a dinner of pasta e fagioli and bruschetta. Nice way to end the evening. I will go to bed early to rest up for tomorrow. I have to get to JFK airport by about 4 o’clock. Maybe I’ll find something interesting to do tomorrow morning.

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