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It was some time in the summer of 2022 when the pandemic was beginning to wane and people were beginning to travel again that my friend Don Fischer called to ask whether I was planning any trips and if so, could he join me because he was oh so very ready to take a break from babysitting grandchildren and wanted to just get out of the house.  Well sure he could join me -- I was booked to go to Japan with Road Scholar in November -- but he discovered the trip was closed to new applications.  So Don suggested we go somewhere else, maybe in late winter or early spring? And where would I like to go? Well I've never been to Spain, but Don had done all that, and then he suggested Morocco. That sounded OK to me, sure, whatever, so we booked a two-week Road Scholar trip starting March 18 and I got back to thinking about Japan in November.

But Don kept calling with questions and suggestions about Morocco while I wasn't ready to give any thought to Morocco because JAPAN was looming on the horizon. At least Don's calls prodded me in September to buy a plane ticket to Morocco when flights were cheap-ish, but really, who cared about Morocco at this point?  Well, November came and went and I had a great trip to Japan (you can read about it here) and after a few weeks of recuperation over the holidays it was time in January to start thinking about Morocco. First thing I did was book a flight with Road Scholar, but a few weeks later I discovered to my dismay that Delta had cancelled the flight! Yikes! Then came a long phone call that began with me expressing outrage and ended with me totally contrite because Delta was smart enough to realize I was trying to pay twice for a flight. Silly me.

Fortunately we got everything squared away and on March 18 I found myself off on the Road to Morocco where both Don and I had a wonderful time enjoying Moroccan hospitality and learning way more than we ever thought we didn't know about a land that has sat at the crossroads of civilization since before history began. 


Here's an inaccurate map of where we went. In the past this tour included Tangier but not anymore. We went straight from Rabat to Chefchaouen, which was a bit of a disappointment to me because I wanted to look across the strait to see the Rock of Gibraltar. Not this trip, though.  Maybe someday I'll gaze across the strait from the other direction. But we still had a fantastic tour of a fascinating land. Click on those links above and come along with us.