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My house was built as a weekend cabin in the early 1960's.  Subsequent owners added to the structure.


I bought the place in 1980, and I added a few things myself, such as central heat and air.  But the place remained basically a weekend getaway.  I just happened to live there year-round. 

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Here's nephew Eric visiting in about the summer of 1993.  He'd just spent a week at Aviation Challenge in Huntsville.  Now he's trying out my moped.  He ended up in a ditch.  Twice.


So I put him to work cutting the grass.   This is probably the summer of 1994.  He'd just spent another week at Aviation Challenge.  Even won the Top Gun award!

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The John Deere is slower than the moped, and easier to handle.


I just made sure he didn't get too near the Paint Rock.

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