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Aerial 1

From Don Jackson:  Aerial #l - Battleship may be either North Carolina (BB-55) or Washington (BB-56). They were sister ships, only two were commissioned, both in 1941. The cruisers in the background were either Baltimore Type heavy cruisers or Cleveland Type light cruisers, the latter same as Santa Fe.


Aerial 2


Aerial 3


Aerial 4


Aerial 5

From Don Jackson:  Aerial #5 - Battleships in order bottom and up: May be Indiana Type: next Iowa Type: next South Dakota Type. Background ships seem to be a transport, a tanker and some cruisers.


Aerial 6

From Don Jackson:  Aerial #6: 3500 ton nip transport (picture in Santa Fe book).


Aerial 7

From Don Jackson:   Aerial #7: Jap Coastal Transport (picture in Santa Fe book).


Aerial 8


Aerial 9


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