Jesse Papale

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My name is Bill Papale, grandson of Jesse Papale who served on USS Santa Fe as a Coxswain / Master at Arms (MAA).  I have attached an old photo of him and his fellow MAA's, perhaps to add to your online collection.  Jesse passed away in January 2000 and I have his old cruise record and some old pictures.  I also served in the Navy in submarines from 1990 to 1996, so I was able to trade some sea stories with him before he passed.  I couldn't complain much after hearing his stories of spending the entire WWII Pacific campaign on the front line, so to speak.  Thank you for this online memorial to the ship and her crew.

Best Regards,
Bill Papale Jr.


Seven of the eight men are named on the back of the photo as follows, not sure of any order.  The only one I know is my grandfather (back row, 3rd from left).  I suspect Milton O'Fee is the one with the Chief's hat, front row, 2nd from left.

John Kowalevich - Coxswain
Lawrence Ray McGaughey - Bosun's Mate 2nd Class
Thomas L. Jones - Bosun's Mate 1st Class
Robert F Manlin - Bosun's Mate 2nd Class
Jesse J. Papale - Coxswain  (standing back row, third from left)
Milton O'Fee - Chief Bosun's Mate
K. L. Fisher - Gunner's Mate 2nd Class