Men at Worship

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Worship 4


Funeral on an Island?  What were the circumstances?


Worship 5


Worship 6


Received this note on February 1, 2009:


I was looking through the mystery pictures to see if I could find my father since he served on the Santa Fe during WWII.  My father (Seaman First Class Donald P. Curnutte) confirmed that he is in three of the "Men at Worship" pictures.  He is the sailor on the far left in Worship 6, again standing in t-shirt in Worship 9, and finally behind the podium in Worship 12 reading a piece of paper.  FYI, my father is Catholic so that was a Catholic service.  I hope this information helps you.

PS - My father retired from the Navy as a CPO.

Respectfully, William D. Curnutte



Worship 7


Worship 8


Worship 9

William Curnutte says: That's his father, Donald Curnutte, standing in T-shirt.


Worship 10


Worship 11


Worship 12

Barney Banyas says:  Worship 12 Looks like Tom Coyle on the left.

William Curnutte says: That's his father, Donald Curnutte, reading at the podium.


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Worship 15


Worship 16


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Worship 18


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