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Mete Says
Americans don't know Turkey.

Nice hotel, huh?  This is where we stayed on our second night on the road, in Izmir.  Really fancy.  Really modern. This place had the most modern bathroom (toilet/WC/loo/whatever) plumbing fixtures of the entire trip.  So modern, in fact, that most of our group, myself included, couldn't figure out right away how to turn on the shower.  So there I was bright and early the morning of our departure, sitting cross-legged in the bathtub, tugging at the shower controls, twisting, pulling, pushing, pounding, trying to decide whether I could actually fit a little bit of myself at a time under the water flowing from the spigot or would I have to fill the tub and take an actual bath?  Suddenly, cold water hit me on top of the head.  Success!  Turn the knob one way and you get water from the spigot; turn it the other way and you get water from the shower head.  Who'da thunk it?

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