Bill, Patty & Kids

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After Yosemite, Bill and Patty had an evening to spend before their early morning flights.  So they went to see Patty's friend Elena, and her children, Lindsay and David (almost 6) and Ethan, 3 and a half.  The Roth children love superheroes. They also love pig piling on guests.  Patty and Bill each got it in turn. Bill's experience is somewhat documented here.

Patty and David have an in depth discussion of superheroes.  Patty is confused here, because there is a fake Batman portrayed in the sticker book.


Ethan wants his photo taken when the camera is in your pocket.  Once it comes out, he says, "No, not now!"


He doesn't notice a camera when his sister, Lindsay, distracts him.


Elena prepared a really nice family meal. Everyone really liked the veggies. Orange and green and yellow veggie flavored chips!


Patty's friend, Marsha, was also able to share dinner with her grandchildren.


It was a very nice family meal, even though you can't see Bill sitting politely at the end of the table!


And if those pictures don't give you an idea of how much fun we were having, take a look at this movie.


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