Tunnel View

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There's really only one proper way to approach Yosemite Valley -- through the tunnel on Hwy. 41. 

Here are cars emerging from the tunnel. 


And directly in front of them, this is what they see.  It's a miracle there aren't more wrecks here.  How can a driver possibly keep his eyes on the road with this magnificent sight laid out before him?


Charles and Cindy enjoy the view.


So does Elizabeth.


So do Cindy and Elizabeth. 

So do Bill and Cindy.

So do Patty and Bill and Cindy.  Just think, this time last year they were riding a gondola in Venice.


Laura and Liz like the view.

Bill and Peg and Patty and Greg and Tammy like the view.


So do Patty and Tammy.


It's Bill and Cindy again.

Tammy sends Greg back to the car to get her coat, which she didn't pack.  Patty and Peg discuss the scenery.


Wait, Greg, I was only kidding about the coat.

No, seriously Patty, it wasn't a glacier that carved out the valley.  It was an army of elves that stood this tall.


See?  Footprints.


Yikes!  Here comes one now.




It's the whole crew, except for Greg who wasn't feeling well and spent the day recuperating back at the house.  Maybe Bill could PhotoShop him into the picture?  Maybe.  We'll see.




So what's going on here?  Everybody is watching Cindy take a picture of something.  But what?


Whatever could it be?


Oh.  Yeah.


Cindy's happy.  This view makes everybody happy.


A picture of Greg taking a picture of a waterfall while Laura takes a picture of Bill and Cindy.  We took lots of pictures here -- more than 70 when you add 'em all up.  This page contains only a fraction of them.


Charles even made a movie!



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