Peg's B'day 2012
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Party preparations being assembled.  Can you guess the party theme?


More clues to the theme.  Maybe a close up shall reveal the primary theme.


Arghh…tis’ pirates to expect at this here party.


Preparing for the guests with party favors awaiting their boarding.


Here we see the difference in clothing between the ‘haves’ and ‘have not’ pirates! The throw ring behind Shelley and Patty says it all – Now We’re Ready…to party!


These be better known as ‘tropical’ pirates –Shelley and Michael.


Steve is a pirate not to be messed with – and he has brought his own flask of rum!


Fair Erin can be enticing, but beware of what might be found in her belt, boots and under the hat!


Fair ladies abound on this vessel this day. Fair and bewitching…beware!


Another variation of the tropical pirate couple – Cynde and Mark


Does make you wonder how the two tropical pirate ladies lost an eye? Did you notice that both wore eye patches?


Hmmm…do you think Joyce is another member of the tropical pirate clan?


Argh, what every pirate party must have – treasure cake, rum to sample, and pirate pops!


Pirate Haileigh sports pirate hat and candy mustache! The party theme was in celebration of her grandma’s 60th birthday…and Haileigh’s upcoming birthday. 


Birthday girl, Peggy, offers some wisdom to son Chris and Captain Michael.


Close up of the pirate pops…almost too pretty to eat.  Argh, but we be pirates and so very quickly, Cynde was off with this scoundrel’s head!


Chris carefully takes in the party and keeps close by the booty of beer.


Don’t let that smile fool you!  Jean is grinning because she is sitting on cooler of beer.


The party games were challenging to all guests as evident by Joyce’s expression.


Steve and Erin found their own music to dance to under the canopy of the houseboat.


Night falls and the pirates party on…and now with a game of password. 


A birthday party is not complete without birthday cake, candles and wishes!


Well blow us down, the birthday girls blew out the candles!  No walking the plank on this day!


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