Cruise 6-9-12

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Here are the cruise pics with captions by Captain Mike!

Menu for a party


This says it all about the day:  Now we're ready!


Pre-cruise: She's waiting and ready


Another shore view from front to back


Chillin' before


First mate work


Brunch is ready!


Final touch-ups


Dining Room Before


Awaiting the crew


Chairs are set and ready for guests


Getting ready




Gang plank for day of fun in the sun


Round and round and where does it go?


Second set of stairs is less "winding."


The gate between being dry or wet


Watch going down the steps or -- splash!


If the weather gets bad, you drive from inside.


Patty n' Bill


A suite of floaters


Ann Marie


Leslie n' Brian






Party colors and friends on board


Safety briefing


Safety n' more


The power source for the cruise


One with Mother Nature


We can fit under that


First mate x 2


Happy floaters


Early revelers


Judith n' Rick


Margarita's photo op


Sarah's photo op


First mates 6-9-2012


Pole dancers -- Spring float


Karen's photo op


Brian n' Leslie's photo op


And then I threw it in -- right...


Inside view -- Festive and inviting to guests


From bow to stern


Roopangi's photo op


Chillin' on the front deck


Come and get it!  Drinks and snacks


Cruise director Shelley; Captain Mike is at the helm


Diane n' Judith


Downstairs floaters


The ladies are relaxed with Diane at the wheel


Happy crew


Can you see it now?


Chillin' in the shade


Diane n' Bill having a drink


Karen n' Roopangi chillin'


Karen n' Roopangi


Karen stylin'


Leslie working again


Leslie, Karen n' the Captain


Let's start with...


That's the way


Lady of leisure heading toward the Potomac River


The Captain and the girls


The Admiral with attitude


The drink makes me wobbly. 
Editor's note:  As we've already established, these are Captain Mike's captions and I've been copying them verbatim with only a little help here and there.  But in this case maybe I've taken too much liberty by writing "wobbly" instead of the Captain's original "wabbly."  See, I don't know what "wabbly' means.  Maybe it's a nautical term I'm unfamiliar with?  Probably.  It's just that Diane doesn't look wabbly to me.  Sorta wobbly, though.  Maybe it's Rick who's the wabbly one?  Good old wabbly Rick.  OK, enough of this; back to Captain Mike's captions.


The good life


The upper management crew


Top deck talk


Well, I'll drink to that!


And then we take a drink...


Ann Marie's sun'n


Don't make me do it!


Fun in the sun with this chair, from tanning to board game


Jean's queen wave in back


Lounging around with a drink or two


Ms Attitude


OK, so then what?


OK - and then I win.  Right?


Where is my drink?


So who won?


New driver


First mate gets promoted


First mate at the wheel


The Captain surveys his domain


Ann Marie gives it a try


Judith takes it for a spin


Judith's queen wave


Leslie takes it for a spin


Leslie in control


Oops, the shirt came unbuttoned


The CIO girls


Ebony in control


Ebony wheelin'


Peg will rope it in


Lining her up to slip her in.
I TOLD you these are Captain Mike's captions.


Yikes!  Only one foot on each side -- what a Captain!


Captain helping crew


Putting the crew to work walking her in


Securing back lines -- Bill


Securing the lines 2 -- Peg


Securing the lines


Captain Michael plugging in for shore power


Post party


Post party


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