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One of the great joys of my life has always been visiting theme parks, from Six Flags Over Texas when I was 14 to Disneyland when I was 16 to countless parks as an adult. I love the atmosphere of the places, the thrills of the rides, the food, the smells, the sounds, the fun.  But now I'm 76 years old and I've suffered a knee injury that is healing slowly and I've realized my days of charging through theme parks are maybe I guess possibly I dunno coming to a close. But I did want to do it again at the very least one more time.

Trouble is, it's no fun going to theme parks by myself and these days I have few friends who are up to doing such things. So when my friend Lily, daughter of other lifelong friends, visited me in Memphis earlier this year with her two young sons, a light bulb appeared over my head. I proposed taking her and the kids to Disney World this summer, all expenses paid. Would she think that's a good idea? Oh yes, she would. And it wouldn't be her first trip to Disney World with me as I took her and her mother there back when she was 10 years old. Now we'd do it all again with the next generation.  Oh boy oh boy!

And so it was that on Saturday, July 29, I drove to Nashville and took Lily's mother Margia out to dinner, spent the night, and headed off early the next morning to Orlando with Lily and the boys, Joe and Rocky. Naturally things didn't go perfectly smoothly as Rocky had come down with a virus, but we just masked up and off we went. This is going to be fun no matter what!


One more thing. Planning a trip like this is no easy task, and I have to say if I'd tried to do it all by myself I'd likely have made a mess of things.  You don't want to waste time at the start of a day wondering what you'll do first.  You need to plan all that out ahead of time.  And what activities should be scheduled before we leave home? And how can we get accommodations that will suit our group? And what are these "magic bands" I'm hearing about and how do they work? And this question and that question -- I need talk to an expert!

So I Googled and Providence smiled upon me and I found just the expert I needed: Stephanie Perlick of the Vacationeers, a travel service that specializes in all things Disney. If you're ever planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland or a number of other fun places to vacation, you can't do better than taking advice from Stephanie.  Here's her contact information: https://www.stephaniethevacationeer.com

Commercial over. You're welcome, Stephanie.  You earned it.