Get A Job

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So we're just walking along and Bill hears this doo-wop group performing and he wants to listen and he enjoys it and when they begin singing "Get a Job" he sorta sings along and suddenly he's been SHANGHAIED!

But I can't sing the bass part.  My voice isn't low enough.

Oh, yeah, you can do it.  So here we go.

Get a job (gack).

OK, I almost hit the note, let's try this again on the next verse.

Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip
Boom boom boom boom boom
Get a jobGACK!

OK, you guys sing the verse -- I'll just clear my throat and get ready for the big moment.

GETTTTT AAAAA jobbbb.  Gack.

Well, they were nice about it.

No...wait....not another verse....

Take a deep breath.  You can do it.


Well, that was a little better.

I have no idea. No idea at all, what this is all about.

OK, I hit the note.  You may not have heard it, but I did.  I nailed it.  Sorta.

I wonder if these guys know "My Wild Irish Rose?"

I won the prize!