Porkins Dines Out

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First stop was a lunch with relatives in Tampa.  But I forgot to take pictures.  Sorry Jim and Sylvia and Tommy and Karen and Heather.  Great lunch, though.  I stopped at Hugo's and picked up eight Cuban sandwiches and Sylvia had collard greens and bean soup and sweet tea and we just had a fine time.  Then I drove to Tallahassee and got there just before dark.

And I looked up Craig Stelle, brilliant student artist and Star Wars fan.  But I forgot to get pictures of Mrrov and the Muuurghette.  I wasn't thinking too well the first day out.  Mrrov is lovely and the Muuurghette is every bit as cute and smart as he says.  Take my word for it.

But as you can see, we did pay tribute to Porkins by chowing down on some excellent Mexican food that was just across the street from Craig's house, and down a few blocks and across the intersection and left a ways and right again and on a mile or two.  Very close.  Just across the street.


Plates are clean.  Yum.


Here's proof that Muuurgh has a Porkins figurine hanging almost as tastefully as fuzzy dice from his Jeep's rearview mirror.

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