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Time to make a run to the doctor.

A walk-in orthopedics clinic that's actually nearby.  Thanks, Google.


Sherry and Jeanie insisted on accompanying me. I recommend traveling with good friends. They really helped me through this.


It turned out to be a quad strain with possible compact fracture (bruised bone). Nothing was broken! Nothing was torn! No surgery would be required! Yay!


See the growth on my patella?  They said it was like a bone spur.


Nice knee, don't you think? But what to do about the pain every time I try to extend my leg?

Drugs, thatís what. Actually, the doc prescribed merely ibuprofen in great big extra strength tablets. And I do believe it is working. I am getting around much better this evening.

This picture shows an exciting moment that occurred in the pharmacy while we were waiting. Some poor fellow passed out from diabetic shock, but he was tended to by the guy in the smock, two nice blonde lady bystanders, and a local EMT crew. All while I sat there waiting for my ibuprofen. Hawaii is full of surprises.


Jeanie makes friends with the heroes.


After much discussion and perusing of the options at the kiosk, we decided to have lunch at P.F. Changís. Great choice, Sherry. I even got some Dan Dan noodles that werenít as good as what I found at the airport in Hong Kong a few years ago, but were still very nice.


So now, back in the hotel, I had to figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Sitting on the deck was fun for a while, but with the ibuprofen handling the pain I was ready to go out and explore


And, duh, look at that! Right below my deck. The scene of the crime from last night. We were seated at that table over by the red flowers. You can even see the little step I fell on.


The hotel has an infinity pool.


It was warm and sunny out there. My knee liked the sun.


Sherry is spending some time this evening with her brother who lives in Honolulu, but thatís OK. Jimmy Buffett has a restaurant just next-door to the hotel, so for dinner Jeanie and I had a Cheeseburger in Paradise. Literally.


There's that sunset.


And there's that knee.  Ibuprofen and a compression sleeve and elevated by three pillows and the knee just keeps getting better and better. But still I think I wonít go out for an evening stroll.


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