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Same morning sun, same balcony, same partial view beach, but not quite the same bad knee. It did improve overnight. Still not 100% dependable when it comes to remaining upright, but I can get around.


If somebody would paint that fire hydrant green, I could tell you I was visited by Yoda and you almost might believe me


Should we just spend the day by the pool?


Bill thinks that's a fine idea.


So to Sherry and Jeanie.


And look!  We are joined by Sherry's brother Drew who lives in Honolulu.


Lots of relaxing going on. Jeanie has her book.


And Sherry has her sunshine.


Bill couldn't resist that infinity pool.


Drew is a delightful person and a lot of fun. 


And for dinner we've been joined by Drew's equally delightful wife, Colleen.


This was where Bill learned he'd been mistaken for years about those wonderful "dan-dan" noodles he had at the Hong Kong airport during a layover on the Bhutan trip. They weren't "dan-dan;" they were "tan-tan" noodles! The difference is that tan-tan noodles have broth and dan-dan noodles don't.  It was that incredible broth that Bill loved in Hong Kong and had been looking for ever since.  So if you're ever offered a choice between dan-dan and tan-tan, go with the tan-tan.


Waikiki from Bill's balcony.


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