Hotel Natura

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Here's our hotel in Reykjavik.  It's situated on the Reykjavik Airport.  Right on the airport.  Practically in one of the hangars.

Patty said it has an Eastern Bloc charm.


Icelanders are mostly just warm and pleasant people, but we met a few in the hotel lobby who seemed a bit wooden.


The Hotel Natura's lobby was a great place to hang out.


They even had toys for the kids.


Greg likes the lobby.


So does Tammy.


Bill consults his iPhone.


Cindy and Charlie enjoy breakfast at Hotel Natura.


Here's the view from Bill's room.  Told you this place was sitting on an airport.


Bill likes airplanes, but he didn't appreciate listening to them taxiing by his window all night.  He decided that when he came back to this place later in the trip he'd get himself a room with a parking lot view.

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