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Our first stop on the drive from Florence to Venice was Bologna, which is NOT pronounced "baloney."  This is Neptune's Fountain, and I found it ... um ... interesting.  Yes, the water is squirting from where it appears to be squirting.

There's Neptune himself.  At least he's not squirting.

I kept my bearings in Bologna by referencing Neptune's posterior.

And this is Sam, esteemed winner of the 2003 Gelato Trophy for Rescuing Bill Anderson's Room Key from a Swimming Pool.  He's standing in an arcade, which is a feature of Bolognese architecture.  All the downtown streets seem to have arcades.

This was Sunday morning, and there wasn't much going on in downtown Bologna.

They were setting up things for some sort of event in the town square.

There were seats.  There was a projection screen.  There were even lots of old men talking to each other.  But there wasn't much going on.

I wonder if, in Italy, Oscar Meyer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a?

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