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Our next stop that Sunday morning was Verona.

There wasn't much going on in Verona, either.

But the sidewalk cafe offered canned Lipton iced tea, and even a little bit of shade.

So do you remember why Verona is famous?

The answer is through that arched opening.

It's the home of Romeo and Giulietta.

Young lovers from all over the world deface the city walls of Verona with their names.

Here's Juliet's courtyard.  Those people up there on the right are standing on her balcony.

But soft what light through yonder window breaks?  It is the east, and those two clowns are the sun.

There's Juliet herself.

More graffiti. And notes.  It's the custom, they say.

Looks ugly to me.

One part of the statue of Juliet is very shiny.  Result of another custom.

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