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Here we go...our first big day of sightseeing...  

The Lawsons' motel has a free breakfast buffet.  Yay!


First stop:  the Tomb of Doom and the statue of Ramesses the Great.


That statue of Ramesses is a copy that was made back in 1987 from the Egyptian marble original that was on display in Memphis at the time, as part of the Memphis Wonders Series.


It's just a copy.  But still it's pretty impressive.


Checking out the pyramid.


  • The official name of the Pyramid is "The Great American Pyramid."
  • The Pyramid is 321 feet tall, or 32 stories -- the third largest pyramid in the world.
  • The Memphis, Tennessee pyramid is a 60 percent replica of the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.
  • A 20 foot statue of Ramses the Great stands guard at the Pyramid's entrance.
  • The arena seats 21,000.
  • The interior of the Pyramid has more than half a million square feet of usable space.
  • The Pyramid's exterior is clad in stainless steel.
  • The venue is owned and operated by both Shelby County and the city of Memphis.


Gavin the Great lifts the Memphis Pyramid with his bare hands.


Now we've gone down to the Tennessee Welcome Center on Riverside Drive, very near the tram to Mud Island.  Bill is asking the nice lady for help finding the path to a walkway over the Mississippi River on the I-55 bridge.  She told us what we needed to know, but in all our sightseeing in downtown Memphis, we never found time for that walk over the river. Doug and Bonnie did it, though.  They said it was a great adventure.  This is something Bill intends to do someday.


It's B.B. King!


It's Elvis!  Garrett and Grandma.


It's the Kang and Karen and Gavin!


It's Elvis the Kang and Karen and Heather!


It's the Kang and Heather!


It's the Kang and Karen.  OK, that's enough of the Kang.  Today, anyway.


Let's ride the trolley up to the Peabody to see the ducks.  Bonnie points toward ... something over by the river.


Look, everybody, you can't catch a trolley over on this side of Riverside Drive.  So Doug, stop pointing toward the river and let's get going.


All around the water tank, waiting for a train....


Ah, here comes a trolley.


And now we're on board.


Garrett is instantly an old hand at riding trolleys.


Riding the trolley in Memphis is like stepping back to the time when Freddie was a kid.

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