The Corn Maze

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So what's a corn maze, you ask? 

Gavin and Katia aren't completely sure either, so they've read the rules and now they're headed over to the bulletin board to study a map of the place.


And there it is in an aerial photo -- a giant puzzle of twisty turning passageways through ten acres of tall corn.    Hey, wait a minute...let's look at that a little more closely...I think I see an owl sitting on the branch of a tree with the moon glowing behind some clouds over his shoulder.  Do you see it?


But we can't go in until the giant chicken decides the sun has gone down and it's dark enough to open the gate to the scary Halloween Corn Maze.


Garrett is scared already.  Katia can't wait.


Even Karen is getting in the mood.


Won't be long now. 


But still, we all just stand around.


Bill looks like a thug.  A happy thug, but a thug nonetheless.


Um, why did Garrett put a hat on Bill?  Backwards?


Doesn't matter.  He likes the look.


Katia and Garrett have posed for "American Gothic."


So have Gavin and Garrett.


Yikes!  Zombies!  A whole bunch of them had just done a nicely zombie-choreographed version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  Now they're just dumb old lurching zombies again.


The chicken says it's getting darker.  In fact, his tall friend looks plenty dark, if you ask me.


So, Gavin, will you be joining us in the maze?  With all the zombies and ghosts and goblins jumping out of the corn at us?  Grabbing us?  Scaring us?  Are you ready to rumble with the dead tonight?


Maybe not this year, not even wrapped up in Mom's coat.


Finally they opened the gate to the maze and we walked right in.  Now let's see, are there really ghouls and ghosties and long-legged beasties behind every corny twist and turn?  Oooooh...this spooky little girl seems to have a problem


How exactly does a weasel "pop," anyway?


Bye spooky little girl.


Oh no, we've arrived at the Planet of the Apes!


Even worse!  It's the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!  Let's get out of here!

The Corn Maze was a lot of fun and we found our way through without too much effort.  Good thing we had an iPhone so we could Google the clues every time we encountered a signpost with hints on which way to go.  (Did you know that Michael Meyers' mask is a model of William Shatner's face?  I sure didn't.)  I think we'd all do it again.  Maybe even Gavin.

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