Freddie and Leta's

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Anderson guys.  Doug, Devin, Freddie and Bill


Leta and Freddie

Devin, Bill, Cindy, Sarie and Eric

Lynette, Karen and Heather

Freddie and La-Z-Boy

Devin, Freddie and Doug

Sylvia, Caraleena and Freddie

Mike, Freddie, Connie and Eliot

Everybody's saying bye-bye.

Lotsa bye-byeing

Still more bye-byeing

A little hugging along with the bye-byeing

Everybody's looking at family albums. 

And hugging.

And chatting

But not arguing.  Oh no.

A happy group.  Eric, Bill, Leta, Cindy and Sarie in back, with Freddie in his chair.

Shannon, Marla, an extremely pleased Devin, Lynette and Heather

Freddie shows off his medals.

While Caraleena tunes it all out.

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