At the Table

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Everybody's at the table. 
When they're not eating, they're talking. 
When they're not talking, they're playing games. 

Everybody's Talking
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The White House had a big big dining table.  Somebody counted the chairs -- 22, I think.  Very nice, and we spent a lot of time there.  Eating, talking, eating, playing games, eating, and maybe eating some more.

See what I mean?  Is that the Memphis barbecue Ethel is eating, or a ham sandwich?  Hard to tell.

Who are all those young people in those old pictures?  Wait, I wonder what Photoshop might do with those pictures of Freddie and Leta ....

Well lookee there.  Ain't computers grand?

Who are those people?

Hold that portrait real still, Dinah, and let's see if I can snap a picture from a picture:

Howzat?  This is fun.  Now I wonder if I can sneak a big picture from the little picture of Guy's photo album:

Not bad.  A little blurry, but not too bad.  But who are those people?  Is the young fellow in the suit Jerry Thompson?  And are the two girls Ann and Betty?  And I assume the lone girl is Ann.  But who are the people with the boy in the suit?

And who might this be?  Ann, I suppose?
No, not Ann.  Mother called and said I have this one wrong.  She says those are pictures of Betty and Wanda and herself -- Leta.  At least I think that who she said they are.

Mother, you haven't changed a bit.

Laura tells about her recent trip to Africa.

Jonathan became a real card shark on this trip.  He can beat anybody at "Oh, Heck." 

Unless Leta peeks of course.

Now this was an interesting game.  Jenga, it was called.  See you stack up all these slick-smooth wooden blocks and you sliiiiiide them out one at a time and stack them back up on top and keep going and going and going and the stack keeps getting taller and taller ....

And taller ....

And taller .....

And taller ....

This was some sort of record, I think.  Thirty stories.  Want to see it topple?

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Everybody loves to play the 1980's version of trivial pursuit.  Don't they?  Well it's not MY fault some folks weren't born when the questions were written.

Jennifer likes to make pretty cheeses.

She'll be a Trivial Pursuit whiz before you know it.

Eric loses to Bill once again.  I just love the 80's version of Trivial Pursuit.

Now down on this end of the table we're discussing more important matters.

Like solitaire.

Freddie is loving this.

And Nita is loving that.

Nita pretends to be a brain-sucking zombie from "Dawn of the Dead."  Wait, I probably shouldn't have said that.  Pretend you didn't see it.  Move along.

Jennifer and a very sleepy Leta.

And now here are some of Cindy's pictures:

Nita and Ann


Ethel examines old photos while Dinah and Leta look on.


 Do they all go to the same hairdresser?


I really wish I could see what they're pointing at.  And why is Ann trying to cover it up?  I suspect this one will forever remain a mystery.


And here are some of the pictures Tim took:

More old photos of young people


Nita explains second cousins twice removed to Tim


MMMMMmmmmmm.  Home-made ice cream!


Home-made ice cream and Ann's strawberry birthday cake and the
Double MMMMmmmmm.... Twins

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