Big Oak Road

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Now we've picked up Peg at the Tuolumne Grove trail head and we're headed back down the mountain AGAIN -- and this time Tammy and Patty insist we will stop at every overlook we missed the first time down.

Peg may be pooped from her hike, but still she's ready to stop and take pics.


Want to see some motion in that pic up above?  Click on this movie.


It looks pretty even when it's not moving.


Oh look!  A waterfall!


Whoa!  A mountain stream!


It's a round spot on a rock!  Amazing!


Patty and Tammy like big rocks and water.


Hey Tammy!  The pretty stuff is behind you!


Meanwhile, Peg rouses herself from snowy-hike exhaustion and snaps pictures of a stream.


Patty has found another big rock.


Now all the women have succumbed to the siren song of the big rock.


What on earth is so fascinating over there?


Hey Peg ... If we pull this little rock out from under the pile, I'll bet the big rocks will .....


YIKES!  Run everybody!


Pretty mountain stream.


Same pretty mountain stream.


Bill decides to go climb a rock.


Yes, he seriously considers relieving himself.


Oh, hush.  I was just kidding.


Really, stop screaming ladies.  I'm coming back.


Pooped Peg enjoys the scenery.


So do Patty and Bill.

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