Driving to Yosemite

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Now it's Sunday, March 13.  Cindy, Charles, Tammy, and Greg flew in last night and stayed in hotels near the airport.  Bill left his hotel by taxi early in the morning and stopped by Peg's hotel to pick her up and they headed for the airport, where they rented a fancy white Chrysler Town and Country mini-van, met Tammy and Greg, and headed for the highway to Palo Alto to pick up Patty, who was staying there with friends. Cindy and Charles rented a Chevy Impala and headed straight for Yosemite.  The pictures on this page are an assortment of everybody's pics taken along the way.

The hills outside San Francisco turned out to be green.  There's been a good bit of rain lately.



That's where we're going.  The Sierras.

We stopped along the way at roadside stands to pick up food.  The almond trees were in bloom.


More mountains.  We're getting closer.


And the roads are getting steeper and curvier.


Our first actual sightseeing sight!  It's a lake.


Oh look!  It's a big rock!


Everybody's excited about seeing big rocks.  They ain't seen nothin' yet.


This would be a beautiful sight on any normal vacation.  But this is nothing compared to Yosemite.


The tourists insist on reading about it all.  Turns out this was the site of a terrible forest fire that took the lives of some firefighters.


Almost there.  That's Half Dome in the distance.  We'll be seeing more of it soon.


Pretty view, but the air is kinda nippy.


Tammy is freeeeeezing.  You did remember to pack a coat, didn't you, Tammy?  Hm?


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