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Today we mostly rode in a bus.  It was a nice bus ride, but still we mostly rode in a bus.

For five hours and 489 minutes, plus stops.


At least today I got the front seat.


I had the best view of all the long stretches of highway.




There were sights along the way.


Sights that zipped by, one after another.


Bus Front Seat View

Now you too can watch it all zip by.




With churches that were busy because this was Sunday morning.


Some of the churches had graveyards.


Have I mentioned long stretches of highway?


And churches?


Because there were plenty of both.


That graveyard really zipped by.


Let's stop at a fancy tourist trap.


A tourist trap with horses.


And a scenic view


Onward we go.  I think that's Slovakia up ahead.


Yep.  And now that Slovakia is in the European Union, there's no need to stop at the border.


Just keep driving.


At least things get pretty occasionally.


But the towns in Slovakia look just like the towns in Poland.


They even have churches.


Lots of churches.


Tons of churches.


Gobs of churches.


They even have a castle on a rock, which is what they call it. Orava castle - a mighty fortress high on a rock. One of the prettiest castle sightseeings in Slovakia, Europe


It's a Slovakian kiddieland. At this point I'll take a picture of anything that isn't a church.


Lunchtime!  And the skies are getting cloudy.


Better hurry up there everybody.  You might get wet.


It's a long way from the bus to lunch.


But the dining hall is really nice -- like a ski lodge.


Meanwhile the clouds keep rolling in.


The food was good, but there weren't enough potatoes.


And the clouds have arrived.


Do we really have to go back out in that?  When all our umbrellas are still on the bus?  Whatever were we thinking?


I guess we were thinking it's time to hit the (wet) road.


Drier now.


Though the road is still long.


Ah, Hungary.


Another European Union country; another border crossing to ignore.


C'mon long road, get us to Budapest.






With a big old train station.


A big old fancy train station.,


We're nearing our Budapest hotel.


It's just down that street.


And around that corner.  It's called the Museum Hotel because it used to be...a museum.


Room with a view. This way to the left.


This way across the street.


And this way to the right.


It's been a long, uneventful day.


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