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After the Farnborough Air Show ended, I took four days of leave for a little sightseeing in and around Paris.  I'd visited the city once before, but only for a couple of days.  This time I wanted to see a few things I'd missed on the previous trip.   So before I left home, I worked with June Davis in the CI Travel office at NASA Headquarters to set up some tours with Cityscape/Gray Line.

Neat, huh? 

Patty Currier told me that the blinky lights feature was added to the Eiffel Tower back in 2000 when everybody celebrated the arrival of the millennium a year early.  Throughout the evening, occasionally they'd turn on all the little strobe lights and the tower would sparkle like a fireworks display.  The park alongside the Tower was filled with people having little picnics and enjoying the view.  My new camera will take short videos, so now you can enjoy the sight too.

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