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Then I drove down to Sanibel Island for Jeff and Lisa's wedding.  I met up with Tammy who drove down from Orange Beach, and Greg who flew down from Huntsville.

Greg and Tammy collect smelly old shells while I watch from the condo balcony.  Why is the picture so fuzzy?  Condensation on the camera lens.  It was air-conditioned cool in the condo and MUGGY outside on the balcony.

Then we went on a driving tour through the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge:


Tammy likes wildlife.  Most of the time.


We saw fish a'jumpin' as high as the sky.

There's one now.

Greg and Tammy enjoyed the slow drive as much as I did.  It took us three hours to go four miles.


We saw funny-looking birds.


And tropical flora.


Greg waved every time he caught a glimpse of Flora.


Now he's scouting for Fauna.

Tammy's enjoying the breeze which was nice up here but nonexistent down there on the road.

My el-cheapo Dollar Rent-a-Car.  No cruise control, but it took me from one end of Florida to the other.

Tammy has spotted a flying fish.  No kidding, big mullet kept flying out of the water.

EEEEK.  Tammy has seen a snake.


Greg bravely dances a jig to scare away the snake.

Ooooooh Greggy he was long and black and shiny and scaly and ewwwwww.

He was right over there.  Really .....


Pretty white birds in the red mangroves.

Why can't we find an alligator?  Greg gives up.  Tammy turns to leave.  And Bill says ....


Hey, Tammy, that's a BIG gator.

Tammy yells GREG! and gets to know an alligator.


He starts coming our way.

Did you know that alligators burp?  Well this one did.

He was still giving us the evil eye when we left.

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