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Never having completely adapted to adult behavior, Bill decided that as long as he was going to be in Florida anyway, he might as well take in the sights at the much talked-about Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios in Orlando.  Well it turned out "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" isn't itself a theme park at all -- it's just one section of a huge theme park called "Islands of Adventure."  Now that's not a big problem -- the BIG problem was that Bill doesn't like going to theme parks by himself.  So what to do?

Hey, I know! Heather's got some kids and unlike Bill they're just about exactly the right age for an excursion to Hogwarts and they live only about an hour or so from Orlando.  So Bill went on Facebook and asked Heather if she knew anybody who'd be interested and it turned out yep, she did, and that's us up there with the Conductor of the Hogwarts Express.

So who are these people -- the ones who aren't in the Conductor outfit? That's Katia (13), Bill (39), some guy in a brown suit, Gavin (11 going on 40), Heather (mumble mumble), and Garrett (also 13).  And how do they know each other?   Glad you asked.  See, back in about 1880 a farmer named Rich Hill and his wife had some children in rural West Tennessee.  Two of his daughters were Ora and Nettie.

Now Nettie grew up and had a son named Henry and Henry grew up and had a daughter named Karen and Karen grew up and had a daughter named Heather and Heather grew up and had those kids up there in the picture.

And Nettie's sister, Ora, grew up and had a son named Freddie and Freddie grew up and had a son named Bill and Bill never grew up completely.  So that's how we all know each other; we're cousins!  Even better, we all like to ride roller coasters!  Must be in the Rich Hill genes.