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It hurts and it is slowing me down, but I am not defeated. And aren't all the different colors nice?


Bill has found a Starbucks.  Now that's a good way to start the day.


And look! A little Hawaiian visitor has found Bill. Friendly little guy.  Wonder why he keeps edging closer to Bill's sausage and egg breakfast sandwich?


Have you ever seen a motorized steel-bristled grass brush?  Bill hadn't either.


The beach beckons, but, you know, knee.


Bill has spotted Tiffany's across the street over there.  Too bad he's already had breakfast at Startucks.


He thought he'd left his favorite old Maui hat on the bus, so he shopped and shopped until he found a replacement at Long's Drugstore.  Turns out the old hat had just hidden itself somehow at the bottom of Bill's suitcase.


Look what else Bill bought at Long's Drugstore.


A cane! Now Bill is officially an old man.  But his knee appreciates this concession to age.


Sunning by the pool while protected from the sun.  No sunburns for Bill.


It's so nice up here.


Bill wanted another bowl of tan-tan noodles and Sherry and Jeanie were happy to accommodate, even if we did have to wait for a table.


Today may have been less eventful than yesterday, but it was nice nonetheless.


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