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AM knee report: It keeps getting better. Gotta be careful when walking because it tends to flop around unexpectedly making me do a little dance to the delight of the other tourists, but the pain isnít as bad as it has been.


Ready for the last day.


I met with Jeanie and Sherry at the Starbucks just up the street and we had breakfast.


Sherry wanted to stop at the hat store on the way back to the hotel.


Does she look lovely or what?


Bill, not so much. Bill has a huge head that normal hats never fit.


But he can still be patriotic.


Jeanie and Sherry wanted to spend the rest of the morning shopping with a couple of their friends ó some guys named Neiman and Marcus, I think they said. Bill wasnít even slightly interested in that, so he walked down to the park.


Still the beach beckoned. But walk in the sand on this knee?  No way.


Bill took a selfie with Mahatma Ghandi.


If Mahatma looked good with a cane, so does Bill.


More creepy banyan.


Look!  The park has a zoo!


The walkway meanders among the animals and itís all very pretty.


It's a roseate spoonbill, in case you were wondering.


Still more banyan.


Bill is wondering if it's going to reach out and grab him.


Let's see what's over there.


It's a gibbon.


And he plays in that tree.


That's a turtle.


And that's an elephant. This is fascinating stuff, right?


Well, it's all kinda pretty.


If you think komodo dragons are pretty.


Oh boy! Nene!


The nene (pronounced nay-nay) is the state bird of Hawaii.


And that's what he looks like.


This apparently is a yellow billed cardinal.  He's in the park outside the zoo.


Much as he'd like to participate, Bill is just walking by the beach.


If it weren't for the knee he'd be out there.


But he can still enjoy looking.




And look, he's made a new friend.


That guy's been dead a long time. Like a hundred years or so.


Gotta enjoy the sights.  This is the final day for sightseeing.


That's our hotel, the Alohilani.


That's our across-the-street fake waterfall.


That's our ABC store, right there in our hotel.


Those workers have been pounding away at that swimming pool outside my room the entire time I've been here.  I hope someday they make it nice enough to swim in. Note the green roof of that church just behind the pool.  I'll see it from the air tomorrow.


Bill passed a little time observing a mob attack the US Capitol.  Nighttime hearings in DC take place in the bright afternoon in Hawaii.


Three happy tourists on the final day of their trip.



Their last supper.


And now they say goodbye to the Alohilani.


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