Iceland 2012

Pre-Iceland Reykjavik Akureyri Reykjavik Again

It was all Patty's idea.  She'd visited Iceland on a one-day stopover with Peg a few years ago and she'd fallen for the place, promising herself to return someday to see more of the country.  So when Bill found an ad for an Icelandic Air tour that would include a chance to see the northern lights, the trip was on.  Then Bill thought wouldn't it be fun to invite Cindy to go along to sorta recreate our 2010 trip to Italy?  And Cindy said, "Sure, and by the way Charlie would like to go, and his sister too!"  OK, well, if we're going to have a crowd, let's see if Tammy and Greg would like to go.  And they did, November 3-10, 2012.

So here we all are, dining in Reykjavik and having a mighty fine time!  The tours were fun, the food was great, the company was super...but the skies were cloudy for the entire trip and we never saw a single northern light.  See how disappointed we are?