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Remember that archeological dig Samuel showed us?

Well, the next day a few of us decided to pay it a visit.


The Settlement exhibition displays a Viking-Age longhouse dated to around 930 AD.
It was found in archaeological excavations in the centre of Reykjavík in 2001. The ruins of the longhouse and a part of a man made structure – a turf wall, have been preserved and are now on display “on site”. These are the oldest archaeological findings in Reykjavik. The Settlement Exhibition is focused on the interpretation of the ruins, and by multimedia technique, guests can find out about life of the people who lived there and see a model of the long house.


Actually, it's a pretty interesting exhibit.


Here's the excavated long house.


And here's a model of what it looked like back when.


The place was full of little Icelanders on a school field trip.


Tammy and Patty examine the multimedia display.


While Bill rests by the exhibit's fancy Star Trek Enterprise elevator.  Bill had come down with a cold at this point in the trip and was feeling pooped all the time.  Just looking at this picture reminds him of how tuckered out he was.  It was right here that he had to give up on the day's activities and go back to the hotel for a nap. 

But there are lots of pictures from this day yet to go.  And since <ahem> nobody has volunteered to help Bill caption them, he's just going to guess the best he can about what they are.  Now let's see ...


Awwww, how cute.  Children.  The big culture shock in Reykjavik for some in our group was that mothers would leave their babies alone in strollers parked outside stores while they went inside to shop.  Horrors!


Cindy spotted some wine from the New Zealand winery where Laura worked earlier this year.


Tammy and Patty are attacked by a giant puffin.

This is a picture of a picture of a bottle of beer.


And this is a very artistic window display that depicts Reykjavik.   See that church?


And here's a child that's  been left outside in the cold.  Awwww...


Poor baby.


Tammy and Cindy are waiting for a bus.


Hey, nice picture.  You can see that church from pretty much anywhere in town.




Now we're in a cemetery.


With old headstones.


Covered in moss.


Anna was Jon's daughter.


This is a very well tended grave.  Looks like Gumby is buried here.


Rowan stands by a rowan tree.


Careful, Tammy.  Ever seen that movie, CARRIE?


Now we're in a museum.  Those are horns.


Decorated horns.  Scrimshaw.


And those are clothes.  This is a playroom where kiddies can dress up like a Viking.


That's Patty taking a picture of herself on a side-saddle horse.


Now Tammy is riding the side-saddle horse in the kiddie room.


Now Tammy is a Viking!


There's that church again.


Wait, I know what this is!  It's the table at which Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky at chess back in the 70s.


That chair looks like some old Viking's throne.  Maybe.


And maybe that's the old Viking.


No, wait, it's just a mask.


That's a boat.


And that's a house.  Marilyn is peeking inside.


And that's what she sees.


That's a dress.


And that's a really fancy dress.


It's a see-through dress!  Those Icelanders are loads of fun at parties.


It's getting late.  Time to head home.


First a walk by the lake.  Those ducks probably think Marilyn and Tammy will toss them some food.


Sorry, guys.


Mama duck and her duckies.


Mama puffin and her puffies.


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