Bye, Akureyri

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Now it's time for some of us to bid farewell to Akureyri and head back to Reykjavik.

 Here we are at the airport again.


Bill thinks there must be diapers and zombies in the basement.


Domestic flights in Iceland don't require much security.  You just walk up to the counter and tell them your name and they give you a boarding pass and that's it.  Not only do you not walk through a magnetometer, they don't even ask for ID.


But while everybody else decided to take an early plane back to Reykjavik, Tammy and Greg stuck with their original agenda and stayed in Akureyri for an afternoon flight.  And they took the opportunity to walk around town to take a few more picures.  Here's an interesting wall decoration that we remarked on several times during the trip.


They're pretty efficient with snow removal in Akureyri.


A whale tail statue.


A cargo vessel.


Colorful buildings.


Lovely Akureyri.

More lovely Akureyri.


And more.


There's a stark beauty to the place.


A stark, cold beauty.  But the people who live here seem to love it.


And finally Tammy and Greg also say bye bye to Akureyri.


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